What is a Destination Ultra ticket?

What is a Destination Ultra ticket?

Destination Ultra ticket is a ticket that grants you access to all events in the whole 7 days period of Destination Ultra week (Opening party at hotel Amphora in Split, Ultra Europe Split, Ultra Regatta Bra─Ź at Club 585, Ultra Beach Hvar at Carpe Diem Beach Club, Ultra Beach Afterparty at Carpe Diem Beach Club Hvar, Resistance Vis Closing party at the Fort George fortress).

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    • What is Destination Ultra?

      Destination Ultra is a 7-day experience that begins on Friday, July 12, and ends on Wednesday, July 17. The full list of events includes: SPLIT/Park Mladeži ULTRA Europe: July 12, Friday: 19:00-05:00 July 13, Saturday: 20:00-05:00 July 14, Sunday: ...
    • Ticket Upgrades

      There is a possibility to upgrade your GA tickets to VIP if VIP is not SOLD OUT. It will be stated at the ticket stand. Please send an email to ticketenquiries@ultraeurope.com and we will do our best to assist you.
    • Ticket cancellation/Refund Policy

      Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable across any and all official ticket outlets for Ultra Europe. There is also no exchanging/canceling/refunding of tickets if purchased at the venue. Each official ticket outlet lets you purchase ...
    • Do I need to have a ticket in my own name?

      Yes. Along with a valid coded voucher/e-ticket, at the wristband exchange point, you need to provide a valid identification document. The name on each ticket MUST match the attendee wanting an Ultra Europe Wristband.
    • I previously elected to claim benefits for Ultra Miami. How do I choose which Ultra Worldwide or Resistance event I want to attend?

      Eligible tickets holders will receive an email with instructions on how to request and register to potentially attend an Ultra Worldwide or Resistance event. Emails will be sent when each 2022 Ultra Worldwide or Resistance event is officially ...