What is Destination Ultra?

What is Destination Ultra?

Destination Ultra is a 7-day experience that begins on Friday, July 12, and ends on Wednesday, July 17. The full list of events includes:

SPLIT/Park Mladeži ULTRA Europe: 
July 12, Friday:       19:00-05:00  
July 13, Saturday:  20:00-05:00  
July 14, Sunday:    20:00-05:00  
BRAČ / Ultra Regatta: 
July 15, Monday:     22:00 – 05:00 
HVAR/ Ultra Beach: 
July 16, Tuesday: 16:00-22:30  
RESISTANCE HVAR / Ultra Beach Afterparty/ Carpe Diem 
July 16, Tuesday 23:30-06:00 
VIS / Resistance Vis 
July 17, Wednesday: 22:00-04:00  

Tickets to Destination Ultra Events can be purchased individually or as a 7-day bundle. 
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    • What is a Destination Ultra ticket?

      Destination Ultra ticket is a ticket that grants you access to all events in the whole 7 days period of Destination Ultra week (Opening party at hotel Amphora in Split, Ultra Europe Split, Ultra Regatta Brač at Club 585, Ultra Beach Hvar at Carpe ...
    • When is Ultra Europe?

      The 10th edition of Ultra Europe will take place on 12-17 July 2024. SPLIT/Park Mladeži ULTRA Europe: (you can enter until 3:00am) July 12, Friday: 19:00-05:00 July 13, Saturday: 20:00-05:00 July 14, Sunday: 20:00-05:00 BRAČ / Ultra Regatta: July 15, ...
    • What is Ultra Europe?

      Ultra Europe is a three-day electronic music festival in Split, Croatia. For more info visit the official website.
    • Where is Ultra Europe?

      Ultra Europe will be taking at the Park Mladeži in Split, Croatia. The physical address of the park for mapping purposes is: ​ Hrvatske Mornarice 10 Split, Croatia 21000
    • Where can I purchase Ultra merchandise?

      All official ULTRA gear can be purchased at the designated ULTRA Merchandise Booths, situated throughout the festival grounds and marked on your event program guide.  ​